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Design a new product or service to meet an unsolved need


Product Concept + Ideation

 Background Scenario 

Asia is engaging in its largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history, which means that by 2046, the baby-boomer generation will have passed on 30 trillion US dollars to millennials.


By 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the total global workforce, which means they will be driving the new generation of wealth creation and financial institutions are wooing this market segment.

Hence we asked ourselves... 

What can we do to bridge the gap for these financial institution and effectively reach out to the needs of these millennials?


After analysing the insights we gathered from the user interviews, desktop research and expert's  (Financial Advisory Director) advice, we were able to synthesise an approach.

The idea is NOT to be another platform that providesinvestment knowledge nor try to change their behaviour. Instead we should compliment and value add to their lifestyle needs.


We put together some things that stood out for us:

  • The good saving habits and consciousness on where and how to get good deals.

  • Insecurities and need forcash fluidity in times of emergency.

  • Expert’s advice – cultivate an investment habit.

A solution that help them gain financial confidence through a projection of their everyday savings (breadcrumbs) which in return enable them to be conscious of their ability to eventually transform that into an investment habit or commitment.


Breadcrumbs, the mobile app, lets you sync your bank account and credit card, and help you manage your saving goals. It also tracks your expenses, round up your transactions and transform these expense savings into what we call breadcrumbs.

 What it does . . .  

Manages saving goals


Tracks Expenses


Round up Transactions


Translate expense savings into Breadcrumbs

Target Users & Personas

The app is targeted mainly at young Millennials in their 20s. Our findings and analysis led us into defining our 2 main personas, their pain points and considerations.


  • Focus on savings for her lifestyle needs

  • Fluid money ready for uncertainties


  • Wants to start investing but don't know if she can afford it

  • Starting to thinking about buying a flat when she turns 35.

"I feel stress when I see my bank balance below a certain amount"

Amanda Koh, 26

Freelancer, Single 


  • Doesn't want to stay in HDB

  • Financial freedom after retirement

  • Wants to be a millionaire


  • Worries about finding a job

  • Need to start saving after landing his first job

"I prefer to breakdown long term goals into smaller short terms goals"

Keith Cheng, 22

Uni Grad, Single


 Their Breadcrumbs in a day . . . 


$14 Grab ride to work usinga $2 promo code.


Share a $14, 1 for 1 Burpple lunch deal with a friend


Happy hour drinks after work that cost $49.20



Breadcrumbs collected in a day

(Expense savings)

Breadcrumbs = $2

(Expense savings)

Breadcrumbs = $7

(Rounds up transactions)

Breadcrumbs = $0.80

More about Breadcrumbs

 Sync to Account 

 News Feed 

 Expense Tracking 


 Breadcrumbs Overview 


 Grow your Breadcrumbs Monsters 


 For the Users . . .

  • Aware and conscious on their expense savings

  • Develop a regular investment habit

  • Grow confidence in making financial commitments

  • Achieve Financial Growth

  • Create a more personalized experience

  • Customize promotions and special offersheir 20s.

 For the Business . . .

  • Collaboration with merchants for perks and deals

  • Partnership with Financial Institution and banks

  • Customer’s insights with Data

  • App sustainability

What's Next...

In the span of 2 weeks, we synthesise and analyse the problem areas and found an opportunity for us to provide a solution. We built a prototype, tested it and did rounds of iteration to better its usability and functions. To make the app sustainable and expandable, we proposed to incorporate collaborations and gamification elements into it.


2 weeks is too short to go in-depth into such a large topic. Given more time, I would like to research more on the psychological aspect of spending with perks and financial security. I would also speak with experts understand more on the use of gamification to reinforce the concept of breadcrumbs savings.


Finally I hope to be able to develop the product further and put together an MVP for beta testing some day. And perhaps find an investor for the product.

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