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 Our Users 

Primary: Digital Marketing Team

Secondary: SEMP Team (Engineers)


UX/UI for an Internal Storage System

* Due to non-disclosure agreements, all details & information related to client’s name or business is replaced and kept confidential. Actual prototype to be presented in person.

 The Brief  

Design a UI with a user-friendly workflow based on theexisting internal storage system that would allow our users (Digital Marketers) to create and/or update their SEMcampaigns effectively.


To help us get comfortable with the context of digital marketing, we spoke to the internal marketing team, Lead Digital Marketing Instructor, and we did some competitive research.


  • We spoke to users to understand their pain points when using the current system.

  • Get an expert’s review to find out about Digital Marketers best work practices.

  • And a Competitive Research to peek into other SEM tools interfaces, features and functions, to get a sense of the working environment of these marketers.

 User Interview 

(Internal Digital Marketing Team

and SEMP Team)

Set-up Process:

  • Repetitive and time consuming

  • Prone to errors

  • Vague error (email) message

Best Practices:

  • Internal file naming system

  • Copy and editing from existing templates


  • Creation of multiple templates on Excel to upload/process

  • Steep learning curve for new hires

 Expert's View 

(Lead Digital Marketing Instructor,

General Assembly)


  • Simple navigation

  • Features for specific user group (i.e. beginner or expert user)

Best Practices:

  • File naming


  • Creation from Excel template

 Competitive Analysis 

(Marin, Acquisio, Facebook Business,

Google Ads)

Key Actions:

  • Copy, edit, add

Behavioural Features:

  • Upload


  • Excel, Google Ads

  • Listing, form fields

 Unique Value Proposition 

An internal system that streamlined the user flow with key features for users to work more effectively

Streamline the User Flow

Having a system UI allows us to:

  • “Hide” the frontstage mapping process into the technology system process

  • Instant error verification

  • Digitise and verifies all csv files that were uploaded

  • Auto detect and sync active templates and rules

  • Prompts and lead users to complete next steps of the advertisment setup

 Service Blueprint – Current 

 Service Blueprint – Improved 


 Sketching + Prototyping 

We started brainstorming and whiteboard sketching based on the new flow before proceeding with prototyping.

 Usability Test 

We conducted two rounds of usability test with 3 participants per round. We also invited the client to sit in to observe how the test was conducted.


Some of the feedback from users after the testings were mainly on the error prompt message and title/language clarity. We also added the column sort and filtering function (similar to excel) after the second round of iteration.

Measurement of Success

To measure the improvements in usability, we conducted a System Usability Scale (SUS) Survey with 5 users based on the current system flow and then new UI system flow after usability testing. The results showed vast improvements and we received positive feedbacks from the users too.

 Current System 



New Improved System 



Column Sort & Filter (Similar to Excel):

  • Sort by – Alphabetical

  • Filter By – Specific Name, Status

Specific Content:

  • Search, Sort & Filter

Key Actions:

  • Add, Upload

  • Grey out all non applicable action

  • Spell checkwhen typing


  • Grey out all non applicable actions.

  • Auto sync to media when editing an active campaign


What's Next...

Areas to Consider:

  • Transition period - easy to pick up

  • Continue to gather feedbacks from user after implementation for improvements

  • Language option (Japanese)

  • Tutorial for first time user

  • System generated file name



  • Extent the usage to other department

  • Goal/KPI Monitoring

  • Analysis and Reporting

  • Alert on abnormality and activity

Tell me more...

* Due to non-disclosure agreements, all details & information related to client’s name or business is replaced and kept confidential. Actual prototype to be presented in person.

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